Effective dialogue across differences is more than an after-class activity, it is an essential life skill. In Addir, we believe in building bridges across differences in order to build understanding, compassion, and collaboration.

Addir fellows are students of the MIT community who are curious and open to learning about others. We come from different backgrounds and cultures, have different faiths and beliefs, but are united by our curiosity, openness, and kindness. Addir is a place to learn about others all the while learning more about yourself, your beliefs, and your values. It’s a place to explore different ideas and ask hard questions. A place to build friendships and connections. A place to build bridges.

Addir is centered around dialogue. Fellows are split into small groups (of 5-8 students) of diverse backgrounds. For the entire academic year, small group fellows meet weekly to get to know each other and tackle some of life’s big questions on their minds, together: Is there an afterlife? What is my purpose and do I have free will? What are my values and where do those come from? What is love? Retreats, mixers and other events bring all small groups together as well as other MIT communities.